Why choose Scattered Image’s Top Price Package?

Great value for money! Check out what is included in the package below:

Two Camcorders
Having a two camera wedding film production will guarantee every angle and shot is covered by the team. It also gives the film reel a 3D perspective in terms of simultaneous recording. We are qualified camera operators and each camera shoots in Full High Definition. The overall film-look is added during the post production phases in the editing studio.

The Canon 5D Mark II
With the Canon 5D MkII at our disposal, Scattered Images has taken “the film look” and quality to a new level. Included in your package is a professional photographer with Canon 5D Mark II expertise and the ability to shoot both high quality High Definition video and photographs. Check out the camera’s results on the video samples above to see how its revolutionising the filmmaking industry.

Free Professional Photographs
Once the official photographer has finished their work, the secondary camera operator from the Scattered Images Team will begin to photograph key events of the wedding day and evening. This means that important proceedings, such as the speeches, evening function and first dance are covered by us. You will receive the full quality processed images on a CD along with your finished DVDs.

Free Blu-Ray Discs and Movie Trailer
You will receive one edited and one unedited Blu-ray disc version of your wedding film free of charge. During the first few weeks of post production we will send you a link to view your official Wedding Film Trailer. You can choose to forward this link on to family members and friends for them to watch also. Click on the link below to view an example of a Wedding Film Trailer: http://www.vimeo.com/5462469

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