Short Film: Bloodstained Footprints

At 0100 hours on the morning of Tuesday 21st July, filming ceased on the short film ‘Bloodstained Footprints’. A short film which I wrote for my second Lights Film School assignment. The short piece offers a brief insight into the challenges and struggles of a person who is adjusting to civilian life after serving with a military unit in a war zone for so long.
A lighting set up from outside the house
When writing the production schedule for the shoot last week, I opted to film for one day rather than spreading the filming over two days. The main reason for this was to avoid any continuity errors in the footage which my assessors would be on the look out for! It has also given me an extra dedicated day of editing on the short piece which is so valuable when you’ve got a lot of corporate and wedding work to get finished.

A Tripod and Dolly ready to go

I had a good friend of mine, Rick Trainor from Red Sky Photography as my main camera operator on the Canon 5D mark II with inter-changeable lenses. The low light results from the camera were outstanding (as usual) and so crucial as the majority of the shots were night scenes. I found the actor, Tim, through Rick and it was his first attempt at acting. He went above and beyond what was expected of him and I was very grateful.

Tim Moffett, actor

I incorporated as many methods of filming into the scenes without overdoing it. Rick got his hands dirty and got to play with the Merlin steadicam, car mount and tripod dolly on the set. I tried to mix up stable tripod shots with monopod shots that offered slight movement to the footage to offer the scene more energy.

Me fixing on the car mount (always nervous when using this)

The short film is currently in the post production stage but please keep checking the blog for any latest news on the project. The teaser film poster at the start of the blog was created by Rick from Red Sky Photography

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