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Margaret and Philip

Posted in Client Testimony, wedding DVDs, Wedding Videos, weddings on September 15, 2009 by martystalker

We just wanted to say a huge thank you we absolutely love the DVD, when we first started booking the wedding I had considered not having a dvd as I don’t feel comfortable with cameras but I’m so glad that Phil changed my mind. We first chose you from searching on the net and hearing the reviews of how you were unobtrusive and caught natural footage but I have to admit I never expected our wedding DVD to turn out anywhere near as great as it has.

So far everyone that has watched either the highlights or the edited version of the wedding have all had tears in their eyes and have genuinely been moved at how you recreated the day. You managed to capture emotions that we didn’t even notice ourselves on the day so for us it is like watching our wedding as it happened with the best seats in the house. The way that you used the music and changed the speed of the film shots really did help to build up the main parts of the day.

I know that myself and Phil are bias but I genuinely have never seen such a natural, professional and truly amazing wedding dvd and my family and friends have agreed so I hope you don’t mind but I have passed your number to a some of them.

All photographs by Sean Campbell

We can’t thank you enough I feel it was the best choice of our wedding and by far the best memory, the hard work and professionalism you put in to create it we will always be very grateful. We wish you all the best in your future and hopefully maybe see you again some day

Margaret & Phil


Sound Assignment

Posted in film schools, filmmaking, lights film school on September 14, 2009 by martystalker

The purpose of this assignment from the Lights Film School was to get you to showcase your ability to capture high quality dialogue sound in both moving and non moving situations. I needed to complete two shots for this assignment.

1st shot – Good Dialogue vs. Bad Dialogue
I captured the dialogue of an actor with an in-camera microphone for 20-30 seconds and then captured the same dialogue of an actor with a off camera microphone for another 20-30 seconds. We had to be able to recognize the difference in tones between the two clips. It also gave me an opportunity to start experimenting with off camera microphones and this assignment showed just how important they are.

2nd shot – Good Sound Movement vs. Bad Sound Movement

I had to capture the sound of a moving actor as they spoke and walked around. In the first 20-30 seconds of the video I had to include multiple edit points. During each edit point the camera had to change it’s proximity to the actor. I used an in-camera and off camera microphone to capture dialogue when the camera was at different distances to the subject.
The purpose of this assignment was to force you to make mistakes with your sound, both in capturing and in editing. Then I had to show my understanding of how to fix these issues.
Click on this link to view the video. The password is sound.

Bloodstained Footprints

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The Short Film ‘Bloodstained Footprints’ is finally finished after a few delays in post production. A special thanks goes out to everybody who was involved and you can watch the film via the ‘Projects’ page on this website or by clicking on this link