Sound Assignment

The purpose of this assignment from the Lights Film School was to get you to showcase your ability to capture high quality dialogue sound in both moving and non moving situations. I needed to complete two shots for this assignment.

1st shot – Good Dialogue vs. Bad Dialogue
I captured the dialogue of an actor with an in-camera microphone for 20-30 seconds and then captured the same dialogue of an actor with a off camera microphone for another 20-30 seconds. We had to be able to recognize the difference in tones between the two clips. It also gave me an opportunity to start experimenting with off camera microphones and this assignment showed just how important they are.

2nd shot – Good Sound Movement vs. Bad Sound Movement

I had to capture the sound of a moving actor as they spoke and walked around. In the first 20-30 seconds of the video I had to include multiple edit points. During each edit point the camera had to change it’s proximity to the actor. I used an in-camera and off camera microphone to capture dialogue when the camera was at different distances to the subject.
The purpose of this assignment was to force you to make mistakes with your sound, both in capturing and in editing. Then I had to show my understanding of how to fix these issues.
Click on this link to view the video. The password is sound.

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