New Short Film ‘Good Morning Mr Jenkins’

The final scenes have been filmed for our new short film ‘Good Morning Mr Jenkins’. After the recent success of ‘Bloodstained Footprints’ in the Entry Level Filmaka Competition, we have been given four weeks to write, film and produce a short film for the final Jury Level round. Click on this link to view the very impressive jury panel that will be choosing the winning film.

‘Good Morning Mr Jenkins’ is a story about a guy who has everything, a loving marriage and is great at his job. After witnessing an event one day, his life starts crumbling all around him. The film is now online to view and please fell free to leave any feedback in the comments section. Within the three minute limit I wanted to make something different, basically a whole film within the time allocated. You may see a few traces of other directors influences in certain scenes. I’m a big fan of Guy Richie and especially Tarantino,  I embrace the way he doesn’t conform to the “correct structure” of filmmaking and tells his story the way he wants to.

By Red Sky Photography

The biggest limitation for me on this shoot, as Director, was the fact that for most of the scenes, Rick Trainor (my fantastic and trusted Camera Operator and Director of Photography) had to step into the shoes of the main character due to the lack of time we had. So that meant that I had to remember how to use the video mode on the Canon 5D Mark II, which came back to me slowly I must say! After remembering how to correct white balance and exposure, we cracked on with the shoot, which took us to Larne, Moira and Lurgan.

The last day of filming involved a selection of classroom scenes with four children. You are always reminded to never work with children or animals in the industry but they were fantastic and produced the goods for me on every shot. Like most of my short film work, I have had to call upon friends and family to help me out. So I thank you all again for the support that you have given me. A big thanks also to Gary McKinstry from Carpe Diem Videography for coming down and shooting some behind the scenes footage.

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4 Responses to “New Short Film ‘Good Morning Mr Jenkins’”

  1. Great to see blogs making life easier for non web designers.

    Oh tip, you got some great stills in your MR JENKINS, check your SETTINGS and then in BASIC INFO menu and select THUMBNAILS,

    That rain scene with the wolves is too cool not to use,


  2. Cheers Martin, Blog has been updated with that rain scene added!
    Speak soon

  3. Great job! Did you just edit the 5D files straight out of the camera natively or did you convert the footage first? If so, what did you convert it to? I’m curious because I’ve been doing shooting on the 5D and having a heck of a time getting the files to edit smoothly in PP CS4.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for the comments. In the editing studio I have a custom built PC with Vista 64, 8GB RAM and a Matrox RTX2 card. The system handles the .MOV raw files well enough so I don’t have to convert the footage which does save me a lot of time. If you are looking to do some serious work with your 5D then I would definitely recommend saving up and upgrading your PC or MAC. I believe MPEG Streamclip is good software for 5D footage conversion


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