The Voodoo Music Video Shoot

Initially the girls from the band ‘Voodoo’ had watched our latest music video for ‘The Black Bear Saloon’ and liked the style. They had a theme for the video and an idea which I knew we could expand on. Voodoo wanted to portray three various alter egos: the model, the DJ and the Socialite and we needed a story that connected the three individuals together. After a basic script was locked down with help from my sister, Helen, I went away and planned the pre production phase of the shoot. Voodoo have a lot of connections in the club scene in Belfast which proved to be a large bonus. It also meant I didn’t have to potentially undergo long hours on location recces as they had already got permission to use two large clubs called ‘Rain’ and the ‘Kremlin’.

On the morning of the shoot, we were kindly joined by the guys from Hooptedoodle Films, who have been filming the band for a documentary due to be aired on terrestrial television in the next few months. Any exposure is good exposure and I am looking forward to watching the final piece once it is complete. Richard from Woodside Photography was also present to take a few snaps of the production on behalf of the girls. Another add on to the team that day was Chris McGeown, who emailed me literally a few days before the video shoot and expressed an interest in voluntary work on the set. I accepted and he proved to be a great asset, helping in both grip, lighting and runner duties. The shoot was a success and Rick Trainor produced the goods for me once again as camera operator and DOP on the Canon 5D Mark II. Big thanks to the following people: Michael Mulholland who played the photographer role, Ryan Hoey who played the sound technician and all extras who appeared in the video.

Every Director and Camera Operator has a favourite bit of kit in their production gear. Mine is the Marshall V-LCD70p-HDMI monitor. Yes, it is pricey but I do believe if you want to push the Canon 5D Mark II or any other DSLR camera to its limits in varying conditions then an external monitor is a must have piece of kit. Overall, the production ran smoothly. There’s nothing better than having clients who are positive and up for anything that is thrown at them. We had fun and that was the main thing. Blog photographs by Richard Woodside.


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