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NI Adrenaline Sports: Free Running Shoot

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Wednesday 1st September 2010

The first day of the new month brought together my good friend, Rick Trainor from Red Sky Photography, Colin Bane, a local free runner and myself on the Waterfront in Belfast. This was the second shoot in the NI Adrenaline Sports Project.

The Idea

The idea was spawned by Rick who came round to the office a few months back. I was happy to contribute to the project from a video and graphics point of view. The main aim was to raise awareness of local, young, extreme sports enthusiasts and give them the promotion that they deserve. We have also been overwhelmed by NI Bands wanting to contribute to the project’s soundtrack.

The Shoot

The priority for Rick was to shoot stills on the Canon 5D Mark II and to use his creative lighting set ups. I was happy to shoot footage on the Sony EX3, using a film-look profile from Martin Beek. I’m a huge fan of the camera and I love the results I get from it, especially when filming in Progressive mode. I decided to shoot Colin on a 1280 x 720p 25fps setting. Most of the footage shot of Colin was done in real-time but I overcranked the camera to 720p 60Ffps on a few occasions using the S & Q mode. After a lot of research prior to Alex Heyes’s skateboard promo in July, I found that this was the best setting for capturing smooth slow motion footage on the camera.

I wanted to play about with exposure during the shoot, with the aim of filming a selection of silhouetted scenes. The locations that Colin picked were perfect with great backdrops and I exploited the views as much as I could. Colin is a true professional in his craft and you get that message from the first moment you meet him. His enthusiasm leapt out and he was a great subject to work with.

Post Production

With regards to Colour Grading, I went for a grittier, blue, urban looking feel to the footage to match the theme of the shoot. Magic Bullet Mojo is an amazing plug in for your NLE system and I would recommend this software, especially if you want a cheaper alternative or to accompany any other Magic Bullet or colour grading software that you may already own. With the implementation of my Matrox H.264 compression card I’m finding working with HD footage a dream and render times have been cut massively. It complements my Matrox RTX2 card well and I’ve never looked back since.

Video will be online soon